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Promote Top Courses by Top Instructors

We work with some of the leading instructors online to create bundle deals through close collaboration with each of them.

Every bundle is carefully planned and created to bring high quality course content on a topic and deliver high value.

Here’s a few top instructors we work with (we work with over 200+ in total)

  • Nick Walter
  • John Shea
  • Mammoth Interactive
  • LearnToProgram TV
  • Brad Hussey
  • Evan Kimbrell
  • Alex Genadinik
  • Cristian Gradisteanu
  • Joe Parys
  • EDUmobile Academy
  • Mark Timberlake
  • Ontario Training Network

Get Your Own Mini-Deals Site

In addition to getting your affiliate links you can get Your Own Deals Site setup on any Domain or Sub-Domain of your choice! And, this is all done within business day!

  • Pick and Choose Deals – You may pick and choose which bundle deals or course deals you’d like to populate your mini-deals site with, or simply have us push the entire site to your domain or sub-domain.
  • Your Custom Affiliate Links – The mini-deal site will have all your custom affiliate links embedded. The cookie will be set for 365 days when traffic visits the main website.

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High Affiliate Commissions

Stop wasting your effort and eyeballs promoting courses for chump change. With our Affiliate Program you will make a ton more than from other e-Learning portals and marketplaces.

You get 365 days cookie stored on traffic you send so you stand to benefit for a whole year from all future sales!

New Deals Added Weekly

We work with the world's leading instructors to keep adding fresh deals and courses to our marketplace on various topics.

Monthly Payouts

Affiliate Commissions are paid out to you via PayPal on a monthly basic through Teachable Inc. There is absolutely no minimum earnings thresh-hold like in other places. Now get paid your affiliate commissions on the first week of every month!

Your Own Deals Site!

Want your own clone of specific bundle deals that you want to promote on a domain or sub-domain of your choice? Let us know and we'll send it to you!

You just have to make one DNS update! All sales are tracked with your unique affiliate link from (powered by Teachable).

Exclusive Bundle Deals

Your community will snap up the Course Bundle Deals you offer them, making you a TON of money. Our bundle deals are not found anywhere else.

Powered by Teachable

The Edufyre Marketplace and Affiliate Platform is powered by Teachable, Inc. All sales and commissions are directly tracked and paid out by Teachable and ensures that there is full transparency giving you detailed access to complete reports.


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